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measurement of industrial plant and complex infrastructure

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Offshore Platforms
 On nearly every oil producing continent

Industrial Process Plants
 Including gas, oil and chemical

Nuclear Power Stations
 NPP in UK and Europe

Nuclear Decommissioning
 UK and Europe

Forensic Analysis

Cold case and CCTV of Serious Crime Scenes

 Stations and UK tunnel surveys

Software, systems and services used internationally:

Process plant and complex infrastructure requires maintenance and modification that is not always recorded in a CAD database.

“As-Built” information describes process plant and other industrial and commercial sites taking into account changes during construction or adaptation over years or decades.


Technical Support

Support is available from the technical team during normal UK office hours.


Sales and Information

The customer services team will be delighted to discuss software or service options.


ABSL have a track record of providing services internationally to leading engineering contractors and owner operators.

The UK Technical Support Centre can provide assistance and expert back-up.

Software can be flexibly licensed to facilitate access to potentially hundreds of users on internal LANs.

For 20 years ABSL has supplied software, systems and services for capturing as-built and 3D information in the following demanding application areas: